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High-Quality Solar Panels for Your Home

From small to large residential projects, Cobalt Power Systems Inc. can install a solar energy system that meets the needs of your home. Our San Francisco solar company has over 100 years of combined industry experience, and we’ve installed more than 2,300 systems all across the Bay Area and Northern California.

Solar has never been more accessible, affordable, and environmentally impactful than now. Let Cobalt Power Systems Inc. and a San Francisco Bay solar installer from our team help you install quality solar panels for your home! Call (650) 817-7791 today.

San Francisco Solar Installer

Why Choose Cobalt For Your Solar Installation in San Francisco Bay?

For our solar services, we’re proud to partner with SunPower and utilize their reliable solar technology. These panels are 30-40% more efficient than a typical solar panel, resulting in a smaller PV array on your roof. Cobalt Power Systems Inc. was the first dealer to be awarded the title of Elite Dealer by SunPower and was recently honored as Dealer Of The Year.

Are Solar Panels Worth It For My Home?

Investing in any sort of major home renovation is a big decision to make – the price tag of a brand new solar system isn’t small by any stretch of the imagination, and calculating future value isn’t always easy in the moment. That’s what our San Francisco Bay solar team here at Cobalt Power Systems is here for. We receive questions from potential and current customers all the time, and have answered many of them to the best of our ability here. Whether you want a more detailed breakdown of how these devices work or if you have more questions about what it will cost to outfit your home, we’ve got you covered. Bottom line however, is that it’s never been more affordable to get into solar. The price of panels dropped approximately 80% over the past decade, and there are still government incentives in place to further benefit your decision to switch to solar.

Ready to Start Saving Money? Call Cobalt Power Systems Inc. Today

All across the country, smart homeowners are switching to solar energy to power their homes. From saving money to helping the environment, solar just makes sense. The impact a PV system will have on your home’s value will depend on how much energy your system generates: the more your system makes, the more your home is worth. Solar also allows you to use more power guilt-free. When you install a solar system, you’ll know the energy you use is generated in a clean, renewable way.

Worrying about increasing energy costs is a thing of the past. As energy costs rise, homeowners can feel confident about locking in their low energy rates when they have a PV system installed.

Call us today or contact us online to learn more about residential solar in San Francisco Bay.

How Do Solar Panels Work With My Home?

This is one of the most frequent questions we get from potential clients. We’re more than happy to give you a basic rundown of a few components below:

  • Solar Panels

    Solar Panels

    Photovoltaic panel convert the sun’s rays into clean, reliable energy that then powers your home or business.

  • Inverter


    Energy then flows through the Inverter to the electric panel which converts it into usable alternating current.

  • Electrical Panel

    Electrical Panel

    This distributes the energy produced by your PV system to your building’s loads and to your local utility.

  • Utilities


    Surplus power is fed back to the city’s utilities which runs your meter backwards to give you a credit on your next bill.

  • The Utility Grid

    The Utility Grid

    Your property remains connected for moments when you need extra energy, such as at night or during a rainy day.

  • System Performance

    System Performance

    You can monitor your system’s performance to make sure your PV panels are always giving you the best in value for your investment.

Cobalt: A Leader in the Solar Industry

  • We are bonded and carry full liability insurance, property and workers comp insurance
  • We have a wider range of knowledge and experience than other solar companies
  • Cobalt was named the first SunPower Elite Dealer™ in the country
  • We install the best products and offer worry-free support
  • We offer comprehensive design services free of charge
  • Specialists in clean and renewable energy solutions
  • High-quality, long-lasting SunPower PV panels and others
  • Commitment to helping our customers get the perfect PV system
  • More than 2,400 solar systems installed throughout the Bay Area
  • Multiple financing options available

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Make the switch to solar in 3 easy steps:

  • Free Consultation Every house or business is different, which is why we take the time to create the perfect design for your home or building – entirely free of charge.

  • Installation Our San Francisco Bay Area solar experts install your system, making sure everything is done to code and working properly.

  • Activation Finally, we will perform a check of the system and finalize your solar with the city & local utilities so you can start saving money.

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