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Expert San Francisco Bay Commercial Solar Installation

Solar for Commercial Buildings in the Bay Area

Switching your company over to solar power provides a number of benefits, including cutting back on utility bills and lessening your carbon footprint. Not only will this renewable energy source provide immediate financial benefits, but it will also help set you up for the future.

What type of commercial solar installation is right for your business? Cobalt Power Systems Inc's commercial solar panel team in San Francisco Bay consists of knowledgeable and experienced System Designers and Solar Project Specialists who will examine your company’s facilities and determine the right approach. We have been providing high-quality solar panel installation services since 2003 and are committed to providing reliable, hassle-free, and affordable solar energy systems.

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Types Of Commercial Solar Panels

Beautiful solar panels adorning the subtle sloped roof of a commercial building in San Francisco.

Rooftop Solar

Commercial buildings with large rooftops are well-suited for solar installations because solar requires a decent amount of roof space. A large flat roof provides the structural element to mount the commercial solar panels to and it makes for an easy interconnection into the existing electrical system. And it’s the most cost-effective solution to go solar.

Carport Solar

Solar Carports

Solar carports provide shaded areas to park vehicles under while also producing energy to offset customers’ electric bills.

Ground Mount Solar

Ground Mounts

A large parcel of land can be an ideal location for a ground-mounted solar system. Ground-mounted systems can be easily maintained as they are readily accessible. Ground mounts can also allow for design flexibility – maximizing solar production.

How a Solar PV System can Benefit Your Santa Clara County Commercial Business

The cost of energy is expected to rise significantly over the next few years. More and more businesses are choosing solar energy to reduce energy costs and adopt a greener image. As San Francisco Bay solar installers, we can share with you plenty of great reasons for your company to switch to solar:

  • Great return on investment
  • Helps control costs and lock in expenses
  • Positive for the environment and for a "greener" image
  • Increases the value of your building
  • Government incentives can pay up to 60% of your total costs

By installing a PV system, your company will be recognized as a green business that contributes to the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases while reducing energy spending. Not only will that reduction in harmful greenhouse gasses and carbon imprint help people across the country, but the savings you see in your energy bill will also help your own bottom line. As important as helping the environment in any way may be, it's hard to overstate what switching to solar can do for your business right now. Contact our San Francisco Bay solar panel installers today to speak with our experienced System Designers and Solar Project Specialists to go over your specific needs and put together a plan that works for you and your business.

  • Different Commercial Solar Panel Installation Methods Include:
  • Ballasted systems: Require fewer roof attachments and are installed more efficiently
  • Roof-integrated systems: Minimize solar system weight by integrating into the existing structure of the building
  • Carports: Carports are more expensive than roof-mounted systems, but they provide shade for parking spaces and make great use of available property

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Cobalt: A Leader in the Solar Industry

  • We are bonded and carry full liability insurance, property and workers comp insurance
  • We have a wider range of knowledge and experience than other solar companies
  • Cobalt was named the first SunPower Elite Dealer™ in the country
  • We install the best products and offer worry-free support
  • We offer comprehensive design services free of charge
  • Specialists in clean and renewable energy solutions
  • High-quality, long-lasting SunPower PV panels and others
  • Commitment to helping our customers get the perfect PV system
  • More than 2,400 solar systems installed throughout the Bay Area
  • Multiple financing options available

Make the switch to solar in 3 steps

  • Free Consultation Every house is different, which is why we take the time to create the perfect design for your home – entirely free of charge.

  • Installation Our San Francisco Bay Area solar experts install your system, making sure everything is done to code and working properly.

  • Activation Finally, we will perform a check of the system and finalize your solar with the city & local utilities so you can start saving money.

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